Yoga Owls is all about making yoga accessible to everyone. Not just for the bendy and young. Yoga should be fun and make you feel part of the community. 

My name is Tanja and I have been practising yoga for nearly 20 years, and no, I still can’t do the splits.  Yoga helps me being a healthier and nicer person and it helps me move through change. Where there is yoga there is balance of mind and body.

I did my initial teacher training in Ashtanga in 2009 and completed the Knoff Yoga Foundation and Holistic-A Yoga courses in 2014. I have since moved away from the strong physical practice to a more gentle practice, with an emphasis on meditation and relaxation at the end. For me this is what gives me that lovely feeling that carries me trough the rest of the day.

Besides my timetable classes, I also teach chair yoga at the MHA and a regular yoga class for the residents of Julian House in Bath.

I would love to share the power of yoga with my community, here in Bath.  

Have fun, increase your mobility & strength, bring balance to your mind and find new friends.